Die-cut Label

Die-cut Label

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Available size: 

Available Material:
• 80gsm Mirrokote Sticker
• 80gsm Mirrokote Sticker + Matte Lamination (S)
• 80gsm Mirrokote Sticker + Gloss Lamination (S)
• 80gsm PVC Sticker - Water Resistance
• 80gsm Transparent Sticker

Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs (same artwork / type)
Standard Order Quantity: 100pcs / 200pcs / 300pcs / 400pcs / 500pcs / 600pcs / 700pcs / 800pcs / 900pcs / 1,000pcs / 1,500pcs / 2,000pcs / 2,500pcs / 3,000pcs / 3,500pcs / 4,000pcs / 4,500pcs / 5,000pcs

For custom printing which the material and/or finishing is not listed on our website, please send us an email at sales@captainprint.com.sg or use the form HERE to request for a quotation with your printing specifications and quantity.