Business Card

Business Card


• Minimum Printing Size: 40mm x 40mm 
• Maximum Printing Size = 89mm x 54mm
• Minimum Order Quantity: 1 box (per artwork / name)
• Quantity Increment: 100pcs (per artwork / name) for quantity below 1,000pcs / 1,000pcs for quantity above 1,000pcs

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For customized printing, please send us an email at to request a quotation with your printing specifications and quantity.

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This price list is accurate as of 18 Oct 2022.

How to Order

To order, simply send us an email at with the following information:
• Company Name (if any):
• Name of the Contact Person:
• Contact Number:
• Billing Address:
• Shipping Address:
• Product to print: [Business Card]
• Size: [eg: 89mm x 54mm]
• Material: [e.g: 260gsm Artcard + Matte Lamination (Both Sides)]
• Printing: [Single side / Double sides]
• Round Corner? [YES / NO - If YES, on which corner(s)?]
• Qty Per Artwork / Name: [e.g: 1 artwork x 1 box]

Lead-time & Delivery

To learn more about the lead time and delivery, please visit here.